natural charcoal deodorant

Amazing results. Enhances beauty. Absorbs wetness. Doesn't harm clothing. No itch. Gentle on skin. Unisex scents. Baking soda free.

Jojoba Oil

Be beautiful from head to toe, naturally.

Don't let wet and stained clothing spoil your look. Take advantage of the unique transparent protective barrier between skin and clothing.

Fresh Pits promises to boost your confidence by allowing you to wear the clothes you feel great in.

Free from harmful ingredients. No synthetics, toxins, paragons & phthalates!

Never tested on animals (just our human friends) and otherwise cruelty free, except to odour causing bacteria.

Fresh Pits is 100% natural & vegan. No baking soda.

Activated charcoal absorbs moisture 1000 X its weight. It soothes and heals bites and minor skin irritations too! Magnesium hydroxide neutralizes odour causing bacteria. It is a humectant that keeps skin hydrated and flexible, soft, conditioned, and rash free. Fresh Pits is gentle, is pH balanced and is effective for at least 24 hours.